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Is it Time to Change Your Banker?


In today’s tough economic climate, small business owners are struggling to maintain positive cash flow. When it comes to banking, how many of you are spending hours on the phone trying to be patient as you wade through an endless automated “customer service” process? For others, it is not having a friendly face to call to ask for help let alone to rely on as a trusted adviser.

Here are Ten reasons to ask yourself if it is time to “make a change”:

  1. Do you know the name of the banker assigned to your relationship?
  2. Do you have trouble reaching your banker during office hours? After hours?
  3. Does he or she refer YOU new business?
  4. Does your banker take the time to discuss YOUR long term objectives?
  5. Does he or she discuss solutions in order to improve your cash flow and also identify ways to reduce bank fees or refinance debt at today’s low rates?
  6. Does your banker contact you periodically to inform you of new products and services?
  7. Does he or she introduce you to their contacts in order to save you money on services you are currently using such as credit card processing or payroll services?
  8. Does your banker and the branch associates provide exceptional service when you visit the office?
  9. Does your banker take ownership on issues or pass you on to another branch associate?
  10. Do you trust your banker enough to refer your clients to him or her?

If you find that you are answering NO to a lot of these questions, call us – we can help put you in touch with people who can make your answers YES!


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