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Upgrade Your Bookkeeper and Save Thousands of Dollars!


Many of my clients are constantly asking me to help them find better bookkeepers.  Their current ones can never seem to get the work done – on time, correct, or worse yet, both.  Bills do not get paid on time, the day payroll is due is a major headache, and the business owner continues to struggle with cash flow issues and may be missing tax deductions.  The problem is that finding qualified bookkeepers is getting harder and harder for both small businesses and the accounting firms that support them.  They are a rare breed indeed.

We have started working with a few clients to find alternative ways to get the job done and are getting phenomenal results and rave reviews!

Our secret – we use technology to do many of the things that typical bookkeepers do to assist business owners with their accounts payable and payroll functions. The results are:

  • Bank and credit card transactions are always up to date and reconciled with minimal or very limited time involved
  • Bank and credit card documents are automatically downloaded and filed
  • Bill are automatically entered, have supporting documents attached, and alert you when they are due
  • Bills can be paid at any time from any mobile device in just a few seconds
  • Pay your employees from any mobile device and eliminate that pay day pressure to get it done
  • Records can be accessed at any time from anywhere

In addition, many businesses struggle at tax time to get everything together in time to file their return, but due to having to do this at the last minute, often miss tax deductions.  Imagine:

  • Never having to scramble to get things together for your accountant to do your taxes
  • Never having to worry about deductions you may have missed

Contact us NOW to get started!


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