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Just recently South Florida was faced with Hurricane Matthews’ potential destructive power, which would have left thousands of families and businesses without power, structural damages and much worse. Let this close miss of a natural disaster serve as a reminder that it’s important for both individuals and businesses to protect themselves against the potential financial consequences of such events.

A few smart steps we recommend include making electronic backups of important records, including your insurance policies, tax returns, bank and credit card account information as well as vital records. It is critical that you store this backup in a separate location that will be easy to access if your area suffers damage.

There are many online back up services available these days like Carbonite or Dropbox. Carbonite for example will work quietly in the background after initially selecting the types of files you want the program to back up and thus making sure all of your files are safe from being lost forever. With Dropbox you will need to drag and drop the files you want saved into a specific folder each time, but you have the added benefit of quickly accessing specific files from many different devises that have the Dropbox app. So making an educated decision about your back up service of choice is key and also depends largely on your file volume.

Next you should also take the time to take pictures or videos of your home or business and store them separately in case you need to make an insurance claim.

Lastly if you run a business, you must consider how you will get up and running again after a disaster. It’s a good idea to develop contingency plans that will enable employees to work from home or elsewhere if your location is damaged or inaccessible. Both businesses and families should consider using phone trees or other methods to maintain contact in an emergency. Review your contact and contingency plans every year to be sure they are up to date.

For further advice on protecting your families or business’s financial well-being in case of a disaster contact us today with all your financial questions.

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