If your bookkeeping seems to always be a mess or woefully behind, the latest in software and technology might be the answer to your problem. The best bookkeeping tip could be as simple as embracing the there’s an app for that strategy. The latest technology for acing accounting can be found in the following two solutions:

1. Taxbot

Tracking business expenses and mileage is so easy with this app that users saved over one billion dollars last year. On autopilot 24/7 to track and record tax-deductible expenses, the only effort required by a user is setting up the app and using the recorded data as needed. Every single deduction allowable is tracked which maximizes the amount a user can save.

As to efficiency and keeping the books up to date, how does 12 minutes monthly sound for completing reports of business expenses and mileage? Not only will this app save users money in tax savings but, in the business world, time is money. Minimize bookkeeping time and maximize the time you can spend generating revenue. Here’s a short list of just a few of the app’s features:

  • Automatic receipt management by photo, email, bank and card transaction.
  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Complete driving log
  • Detailed mapping of routes
  • Merged trips
  • Coordination of trips to appointment calendar

2. Xero

This time-saving tool will not only help you get a handle on bookkeeping, but it can help your business grow. With layered security for maximum data protection and 24/7 support, what’s not to like about Xero? Here’s how it can help you work smarter:

  • Mobile invoicing
  • At a glance accounting review of bank balance, invoices, expenses, and bills
  • Real-time cash-flow reporting
  • Automatic bank reconciliations with detailed, categorized statements
  • Compatible with QuickBooks

For affordability, simplicity and performance, these apps are incredible accounting tools. Available for iOS and Android systems, anyone equipped with a smart device can easily master bookkeeping basics and remain current. Have questions about the best accounting solutions for your situation? Contact us!