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Accountancy & Bookkeeping
accountancy, bookkeeping
Even the smallest firms need to do basic accounting and bookkeeping work, prepare financial statements and manage their cash flow. Sander & Associates, P.A. provides customized accounting and bookkeeping services that will free you from all the mandatory accounting work completely.

Tax Planning, Preparation & IRS Representation

tax planning, tax preparation, IRS representationOur staff at Sander & Associates, P.A. ensures that all your tax worries are taken care of completely. Based on an in-depth analysis of your current situation, our experts provide a comprehensive tax solution that minimizes your current tax liabilities. Every solution is delivered to tailor to your specific tax situation and to address your business and personal needs. With Sander & Associates, P.A., your tax worries are a thing of the past.

Apart from tax planning, Sander & Associates, P.A. also helps in resolving all of your problems regarding back taxes, disputes with the IRS or failure to file returns by directly negotiating with the IRS and preventing any of your property from being seized.

QuickBooks Consultancy Services

Intuit, QuickBooksFor small business and individual clients, installing, setting up and learning the QuickBooks software all by themselves would mean investing long and precious hours, not to mention putting additional pressure on possibly already limited resources and incurring additional tax preparation costs for not setting the program up correctly the first time.

As a certified QuickBooks Advisor, the Sander & Associates, P.A. provides complete QuickBooks services including installation of the software, training, as well as support. This will make maintaining your accounts and making your quarterly and year-end tax preparation quick and easy.

New Business Advising

new business advisiingFor many young entrepreneurs who have started a new business, the rising overhead, rent and furthering their business is already a tough mountain to climb. Managing finances and tax planning and preparation can be an additional burden. Sander & Associates, P.A. works as a financial advisor for new and upcoming businesses and ensures that your business always stays on track.

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